Blouse with embroidery "Sarmatian myth"

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Make sure that black silk is not only for strict dresses!

Modern ethno is an incredible combination

The fabric, one kind of which evokes thoughts of the most elegant holiday dresses – is, of course, Italian silk of the highest quality. Its deep color has its own special radiance, which attracts attention and gives a strict black festive sound. Add a loose silhouette with wide sleeves, a V-neck and unique embroidery – and you get a blouse “Sarmatian Myth”.

Patterns that tell legends

The Sarmatians are one of the incredibly interesting pages in our history. A legendary era full of heroes and adventures. The ornaments of that time that have come down to us impress with their skill and beauty. RUTA has creatively rethought this legacy, creating a modern pattern inspired by the distant past.

Freedom of style and beauty

Ancient silhouettes, which have become part of the myth, are combined with strict lines of geometric patterns. So our ancestors tried to outline the laws of the world, to separate the clear from the unknown. The “Sarmatian Myth” blouse is your opportunity to express yourself, about inner freedom, which is beyond any restrictions.

If you did not find the size you need, don’t worry. RUTA can make the model in the desired size! Only 100%-prepaid orders. Sewing time – from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the model and embroidery.

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36 / S, 38 / M, 40 / L, 46 / 3XL


dry clean


office, casual, festive



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