About the origin of the triptych “Cultivate your garden”

The idea to paint a luxurious necklace by designer Lyudmila Bushinskaya arose a long time ago, when my personal exhibition was held in Vinnitsa in the center of contemporary art “Art-Chic”. It was then that I first saw a necklace and felt that I wanted to capture it on canvas. The idea matured and was realized as a picturesque triptych dedicated to a luxurious necklace, refined and expertly made. The motto of my work: from master to master.

As an artist, as a professional, I know how difficult it is to achieve superlatives in a professional career. I dare to hope that I succeeded. I am sure that Lyudmila Bushinska is a master in her field. Her necklace and my triptych dedicated to it are a kind of symbiosis of two masters, a free flight of co-creation. The necklace in its flesh and tangibility, and its image on the canvas, transformed in my painting. Meeting of two masters on the territory of art. And this really is the cultivation of your garden. This is the name of the triptych: “Cultivate your garden”, that is, your life, your skill, your family, your art, your life’s work.

Your own garden, the gardens of Babylon, the gardens of San Marco, the Garden of Eden, “Paradise”, the garden of your business, the Japanese stone garden for peace and meditation. For me, this is my painting, which I devoted all my life to. For Lyudmila Bushinska it is her RUTA, her excellent necklace, which inspired me to re-create it in a picturesque way.

So, cultivating their gardens, two masters meet, talking to each other in the cosmos of art. The artist and designer are goddesses who create worlds. We are goddesses, designers of God, demiurges of the world, mediators of universal beauty.

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