Dress with red and black embroidery "Small Stars"

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Free beauty is your choice.

We present you an incredibly delicate and elegant model – a snow-white dress with embroidery “Small Stars” in traditional red and black colors. The combination of cotton silk fibers in the fabric makes this dress incredibly soft to the touch.

Respect for traditions is our inspiration

We have creatively rethought the silhouettes of traditional Ukrainian clothing to create incredible models in the style of modern ethno. Thanks to a special cut, where each line is thought out thoroughly, the dress will emphasize all the benefits of your figure. Wear it with an embroidered belt or allow a light fabric to gently wrap around your body, and enjoy incredible freedom of movement.

Elegance in detail

The wide sleeves of the dress are decorated with embroidery based on traditional Ukrainian patterns. Octagonal stars, which are one of the oldest talisman symbols, are combined with geometric patterns. The same ornament, placed on the front of the dress and on the cuffs, creates a perfect image of exquisite beauty. Pick up jewelry in the traditional style – or let the dress sound on its own. Modern ethno is an opportunity to emphasize your refined taste together with RUTA.

If you did not find the size you need, don’t worry. RUTA can make the model in the desired size! Only 100%-prepaid orders. Sewing time – from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the model and embroidery.

Additional information


Silk, Бавовна


36 / S


dry clean


casual, festive



Колір вишивки



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