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    What is traditional Ukrainian women’s ethnic clothing?

    Ukrainian traditional women’s clothing is an integral part of Ukraine’s culture and history. This type of clothing is characterized by bright colors, intricate embroidery, and the use of natural materials, giving it a unique and sophisticated look. Today, traditional clothing has become popular worldwide, and Ukrainian artisans specialize in its production and sale.

    Women’s ethnic clothing consists of various elements that can be worn separately or combined together. One of the main elements is a blouse called a “sorochka,” which can have different embroidery variations and designs. The traditional clothing ensemble can also include skirts, dresses, jackets, shawls, scarves, and other accessories.

    The most well-known type of traditional Ukrainian women’s clothing is the “vyshyvanka,” which is a traditional embroidered shirt that can be made in different colors and techniques. The vyshyvanka can be worn on both formal and casual occasions, allowing people to feel a part of the national culture and traditions.

    Ethnic women’s clothing is also used to create wedding dresses. These dresses can be made of traditional materials such as linen, cotton, or silk and embellished with intricate embroidery and lace. Wearing traditional wedding attire allows couples to feel connected to their cultural roots and creates unforgettable memories.

    Today, ethnic clothing has become popular not only in Ukraine but also beyond its borders. It is highly sought after by tourists visiting Ukraine and by Ukrainians living abroad who want to maintain a connection to their heritage.

    Where to buy traditional women’s ethnic  clothing?

    The RUTA brand specializes in the production of traditional Ukrainian women’s clothing. They offer a wide range of products, including dresses, blouses, skirts, collars, and other traditional attire.

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